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For over 25 years, NPO has been serving the mobility and recovery needs of patients across Canada's Niagara Region and beyond.

Several years ago, Robert Gabourie decided to build upon NPO's experience, setting out to realize some truly revolutionary ideas. Working with engineers from Queen's University and materials specialists from Dupont, NPO developed two exciting products and NPOI was created to market and distribute these products.

These products include:

  • Niagara Foot®: An affordable, durable prosthetic foot offering high-energy return. The foot was designed specifically for individuals with active lifestyles and those who live and work in rugged conditions. The Niagara Foot has received acclaim from numerous development and relief advocates as an ideal solution for developing countries, particularly in areas prone to land mine accidents. Visit for more information.
niagara knee

Our products are being used around the country and around the world.

We have partnered with the charitable organization - Niagara Orthopaedics Worldwide - to distribute our products in particular the Niagara Foot, to areas where the need is greatest.

Furthermore, we donate a percentage of every sale of the Niagara Foot to this charity.

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